Accessible solutions for present and future needs

The bathroom and kitchen are two essential rooms in any building – especially when it comes to accessibility. At Pressalit we have more than 30 years of experience manufacturing accessible products and designing future-proof bathrooms and kitchens for people with reduced mobility.

Our solutions are adjustable to fit the needs of any user and carer today and in years to come.

The built-in flexibility adds value to any bathroom or kitchen empowering people to live more independently, and the functional design combined with durable, high quality products ensures a safe and comfortable environment.

MATRIX MEDIUM wash basin
Integrated railings and MATRIX manual basin lifter unit

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PLUS Shower seat 450
With aperture, manually height adjustable.

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PLUS support arm
Height and sideways adjustable, removable and foldable.

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PLUS handrail corner
With vertical grip and PLUS shower head holder.

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Poręcz prysznicowa
Uchwyt na głowicę prysznicową

Flexible solutions for any bathroom

Whether you need a solution for a private bathroom, for public use or in a care facility, we offer long lasting solutions that work for people with all kinds of needs.

The flexibility enables you to create a bathroom that suits the user in any situation and where the products will not need to be replaced when needs change.

Be inspired from our case projects

Take a look at beautiful examples of projects where the focus on accessibility makes a world of difference. Read the case studies and imagine what we can do for your project.

U Siebie Mimo Wieku
Award winning model apartment with innovative solutions for aging in place.
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Nowe centrum aktywności społecznej
A retrofitted historic building with exclusively inclusive bathrooms and kitchen.
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Changing Places
Toalety publiczne dla osób z niepełnosprawnością. Więcej informacji

Our philosophy

All people are different and have different needs in all life stages. This variety in needs calls for solutions that are easily adapted to each individual without compromise. Especially when it comes to personal care.

When we develop and manufacture our products, the needs of the user always play the most important role and their safety and comfort is key.

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To ensure a safe environment and long lasting solutions, our products are manufactured with high quality materials and undergo thorough testing. At Pressalit, all products are tried, tested and always made with the user in mind.

Our aim is to enable people to live their life to the fullest and our philosophy is that rooms need to be flexible and must adapt to the user and not the other way around. That’s what we mean when we say Let’s make room for people.

Responsible Scandinavian design

Being responsible when developing and manufacturing great functional design is key for us at Pressalit. Our main focal point is creating products in a beautiful and functional Scandinavian design without compromise when it comes to having a responsible production and supply chain.

This is also underlined by our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals where we focus on:

For more information on Pressalit and the UN Sustainable Development Goals click this link to go to our international website.

Experience our solutions

We know that designing an accessible bathroom or kitchen can be difficult if you have not experienced how the solution will work.

Have a closer look and feel of the products in our showroom or let us visit you with our demonstration set. We will show you how our products perform in every day challenges, giving you a simulated experience of the end user’s perspective.

By involving us in the early stages of your projects, we will support you with our solutions and expert knowledge as well as offer you not only free BIM data, but also technical drawings and ready specification documents.

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Contact me early on in the planning process for:

  • BIM objects
  • Room design suggestions
  • Mounting and maintenance instructions
  • Optimal solutions that suit any user needs

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"With our know-how and expertise on kitchen and bathroom accessibility, we offer unmatched solutions, meeting unique needs of people for everyday now and in the future. Truly human centered, resilient products."

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Ph.d. [insert title]
Country Business Development Manager

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