Newbridge on the Charles - Housing options for the elderly

Newbridge on the Charles is a new intergenerational campus with a variety of housing options for the elderly. It stretches on the outskirts of Boston and offers different kinds of accom-modation to suit the individual needs of its residents. Newbridge is about creating an optimal living environment and providing access to health care and wellness to all residents.

Newbridge offers various kinds of accommodation to residents: independent living in cottage communities, sophisticated villas or convenient apartments as well as assisted living in one- or two-bedroom apartments. Both long- and short-term rehabilitation and care, provided by Hebrew Rehabilitation Centre, is available on campus to all members.

228 bathrooms in total have been equipped with Pressalit’s track system to create full flexibility for all.

All environment photos from Newbridge on the Charles courtesy of Perkins Eastman.


To create functional and comfortable bathrooms which support the different needs of the residents on campus. To optimize the use of space in the project overall and thereby achieving economic benefits.


Flexible and ergonomic solutions which are horisontally and vertically adjustable. The flexibility creates optimal space for mobility aids and possible carers who may be needed in the room.


A flexible solution which enables the residents at Newbridge to be as independent as possible. An effective utilization of the space available in the bathroom as square footage, and thereby money, was saved in the construction process as a result of the flexibility of the track system.

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